Amusement Operator and Franchise Showcase (2025)

The Amusement Operator and Franchise Showcase (AOFS) 2025 is a pivotal element of the exhibition, presenting exhibitors with a golden opportunity to replicate their successful concepts in new territories. This "plug and play" business model allows for swift expansion, utilizing established and profitable frameworks. This segment zeroes in on the licensing and franchising aspects of the amusement and entertainment industry, catering to a specialized yet burgeoning market segment.

AOFS aims to facilitate the forging of commercial alliances across the diverse sectors of the industry. Operators of family entertainment centers and theme parks understand the pulling power of renowned brands and the loyal followings they command. These attractions, often rooted in popular culture or character ensembles, consistently draw dedicated audiences.

The showcase proves especially advantageous for exhibitors with proven success stories from around the world, seeking to cast their spell in the Middle East and Africa region, or looking to export their magic elsewhere. AOFS provides the quintessential platform for these exhibitors to pinpoint opportunities, undertake due diligence, and forge enduring collaborations that surpass mere business transactions.


This segment of the show is dedicated to converging key individuals such as proprietors, influencers, and policymakers from diverse and esteemed brands, amusement enterprises, property developers, franchising entities, licensors, and official bodies. This convergence aims to facilitate dialogue and partnership within a unified destination.

Exhibitor Insights:
Our exhibitor profile encompasses global entertainment brand proprietors and operators of theme parks and family entertainment centers, all poised for entry or expansion in the Middle East and Africa. These exhibitors are ready to offer exclusive regional rights for their brands, seeking fruitful collaborations in these vibrant markets.

Visitor Insights:
The showcase will attract those at the helm of decision-making and investment in the amusement franchising sector. This includes influential figures from real estate, particularly those behind the development of shopping centers and multipurpose projects, as well as theme park and FEC operatives, commercial retailers, educational entities, event organizers, and representatives of government institutions.